Is St Ives Facial Scrub Damaging Your Skin?

Who doesn’t love the feeling of soft, supple skin after some good old exfoliation? I know I certainly do. Most women have tried the St Ives Facial scrub at least once in their life. The scrub is a firm favourite in many households around the world. It’s a brand we trust. After all, it’s been around for nearly three decades. Continue reading “Is St Ives Facial Scrub Damaging Your Skin?”

Can We Reduce Our Pore Size?

I want to let you in on a little secret and it’s one you may know already but I am certain most people don’t. Pore size is genetic. There, I said it. This means you can’t do diddly squat about the size of your pores no matter what you throw on your face.

However, before you panic, there is a way round it. You can make your pores appear smaller – ‘appear’ being the operative word. Something is better than nothing, right? Continue reading “Can We Reduce Our Pore Size?”

My Battle With Dry Skin Is Officially Over

If you have been following my posts for a while, you know my pain. Since my son was born, I have moaned and whinged about my dry skin.

I understand pregnancy and birth can do terrible things to your skin but for crying out loud, it’s been nearly four years. Continue reading “My Battle With Dry Skin Is Officially Over”