Tip For Applying Mascara

Apply mascara on lower lashes first, that way you don’t get transfer on your eyelids and mess up your eyeshadow! I find that if I do the top first, when you get to applying to the bottom lashes, you tend to angle your face and open your eyes wider and the mascara goes all over the lid, messing up your hard work! Especially useful if you’re in a rush!Lashes

Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean

Bacteria can build up so easily, so its good to wash your brushes at least once a week. You can do this with a baby shampoo – nothing too harsh. Wash and gently squeeze out excess water. Lay flat on towel to air dry.

I normally use a makeup remover spray after using my brushes each time and giving them a deep clean once a week.

Remember dirty brushes can cause breakouts plus the build up won’t allow the brush to distribute powders properly.Brushes