Benefit – BAD gal BANG Volumising Mascara Review

Well done to those who correctly guessed the mascara. Pat on the back – you ladies know your mascara. This is the new mascara from Benefit and it is one that has been hyped up by all the YouTubers.

Benefit have the two most popular mascaras in the world and that is no exaggeration. You have my favourite which is They’re Real and Roller Lash and now Bad gal. So as I pick it up, I am instantly expecting it to perform a miracle considering the other two mascaras are near enough brilliant.

I’m just going to go straight in and tell you that the formula is quite ‘wet’ in comparison to the other two mascaras or most mascaras in general. The brush is super slim, which always puts me off as I do prefer a ‘fuller’ brush.

The brush is very misleading. It looks as if there is no product on the brush and as you start to coat your lashes, BANG, there it is! For me, it is way too much product. When I started to apply, my lashes had so much product on, I struggled to even it all out. The mistake you make is using the brush to help you separate your lashes but in turn you apply even more product. Arghh.

In the end, I used my lash brush to comb out all the excess product and to separate my lashes but boy does it lengthen. That brush can grip your lashes, keep hold of them and lift those babies up. That impressed me. What didn’t impress me was the flimsy brush – a bit too wobbly for my liking.

It’s one of those mascaras you have to use several times to get the hang of it. I found a lighter touch helped when applying. I normally go in full force with most of my mascaras but with this one, you need a lighter hand. My lash brush is most definitely needed every time I use it, which is a pain in the bum.

This mascara is waterproof. I took this on holiday to test it out and it didn’t smudge or flake. My lashes still looked long and dark at the end of the day even after being splashed in the pool by my lovely children. It’s definitely water resistant.

The downside of waterproof mascara is the removal process and what a process it is. My lashes were falling out even though I was trying to be as gentle as possible. It happened every time I removed it. I changed the makeup remover and still had the same issue.

I tried coconut oil and that made it much easier to remove. Yes, coconut oil can be used to remove makeup. (If you have oily skin and are prone to break outs, I would avoid using it for your face).

Back to the mascara, this is one of the reasons why I don’t like using waterproof mascara on a daily basis. It’s not good for your lashes and it’s a pain to remove.

I’ll be honest, I can’t deny that I absolutely love the results of this mascara. I’ve had many compliments on my lashes since wearing it. You can achieve long, bold lashes. The drama is there giving you that false lash effect.

However, what I don’t enjoy is spending a blooming eternity trying to achieve those ‘Bad gal’ lashes. It’s too much work.

It’s definitely not a mascara you would wear in a rush. It requires patience and a light hand.

Unfortunately, as much as I love the end result, I won’t be buying it again.

Huda Beauty – Liquid Matte Minis Review (Nude Love Edition)

I’ve been eyeing up these mini lipsticks for a while now. These are the Nude Love Edition liquid lipsticks – not to be confused with the ‘Nude’ Edition, which I reviewed a while ago.

I saw one last pack sitting on the shelf at Sephora calling for me to take it home. So obviously I did. These are the colours I was waiting for. Even though I loved the Nude edition, the colours were still too dark for me to wear.  I wanted something natural, something pink, something NUDE!

This set comes in four shades – Crush, Wifey, Girlfriend and Sugar Mama.

My lips tend to be quite dry and these matte lipsticks haven’t added to the problem. However, before I begin painting, I always ensure the canvas is wiped clean. I exfoliate and moisturise my lips with a balm, especially if I am applying a liquid lipstick.

The formula is quite runny – more so than the previous Nude lipsticks. I wonder if the formula has been changed. Just don’t do what I did with my previous Huda lipstick and turn the tube upside down (it was an accident – I was trying to apply the lipstick whilst holding the tube in the same hand). I assumed her lipsticks would be more creamy in consistency. Clearly not because my jeans suffered as a result.

The applicator is so easy to use – the lipstick just glides on with no fuss.


It’s described as a ‘cool-toned pink’ but this is definitely more coral/peach toned. The pigmentation is really disappointing. I had to apply three times to get an even colour all over my lips. Normally with Huda’s lipsticks, one coat is usually enough. I found this shade to be streaky and patchy. It’s such a shame, as this is my favourite shade out the four. It won’t stop me wearing it though- I just pop on some lipstick after application to smooth out the colour.


This baby glides on so smoothly and is much better in terms of pigmentation. I would describe this as a light brown nude – with a tiny touch of pink. I didn’t like this wet but once it dries, it really is a lovely natural nude shade.

Sugar Mama

This colour is very similar to Wifey, just a tad darker. I would describe it as a peachy brown. This was slightly patchy and it took two coats to get an even coating on the lips, however nowhere near as bad as Crush.


This is my least favourite colour out the four but that’s merely down to preference. It’s very similar to Trendsetter. It’s a dark brown with a hint of peach/apricot or any other coral-coloured fruit you can think of. In terms of pigmentation, this is, by far, the best. One coat was enough to give me a lovely rich brown shade.

Overall, I do have to say I am somewhat disappointed. If you compare this set to the previous Nude collection, it can’t compete in terms of pigmentation and longevity. I don’t feel Crush and Sugar Mama have the lasting power as the others.

I love what Huda’s brand is about and I do feel she puts her heart and soul in creating her makeup products but for me, these lipsticks weren’t good enough.

Have you tried any of the shades in this set? Did you find you had the same problems?



Fenty Beauty – Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation Review

If I say ‘Fenty’ – most people would instantly know what I’m talking about. Rhianna has created her own line of beauty products and it’s got everyone in the beauty industry excited, especially the foundation.

The foundation is available in 40 different shades (let’s just take a minute to digest that information) ranging from the palest to the deepest skin tones. Rhianna has made sure no-one gets left out. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll be pleased to know Fenty Beauty is also 100% cruelty free.

The Pro Filt’r Foundation is described as a medium to full coverage foundation. It’s not normally the type of foundation I would go for. I tend to stick to foundations that leave a dewy finish but many dry skin reviewers were also raving about it so I thought, why not?

My expectations of finding an exact match for my skin colour were extremely low. I’m very pale with yellow undertones and I struggle with most brands, as they lean towards cool toned skin. However, I found a shade that was perfect for me.

I did wait 20 minutes after application before deciding to go for it. The Fenty website advises when choosing a colour, to allow the foundation to dry before checking if it is the right shade for you.

Many reviewers have mentioned how the colour oxidises but I don’t think it does.

What on earth is ‘oxidise’?

You know how an apple will go brown when you cut it because it has been exposed to air? It’s similar to foundation turning a shade or two darker after being applied on the skin.

The difference between the wet foundation on the skin and the dry finish is very slight. Once dry, that colour, for me, stayed the same.

So it matched but boy, it was a pain to apply! I applied the foundation with a primer, without a primer, with a brush, with a blending sponge….and I think I’ve finally figured it out.

The foundation dries quickly and when I say quickly, you better be ready to work fast. It’s not one of those foundations you can dot all over your face and take your time blending it.

For me, it worked best with a primer applied to the skin first. I applied the foundation in sections using a stippling brush. Finally, I went over it with a blending sponge.

Personally, I don’t think this is a full coverage foundation – medium coverage is probably a more accurate description. It says you can build to full coverage. I tried doing this but unfortunately it started to get all patchy. The problem is it dries extremely quickly so if you want to build the coverage, it becomes difficult to blend. That was disappointing.

I liked the fact that although the finish is matte, it didn’t feel too dry on my skin, however this foundation is definitely more suited to oilier skin types.

There are no longevity issues here. It can stay on all day and still look good.

The consistency isn’t like a typical full coverage foundation. It’s a liquid foundation (not cream) and it is quite runny. However, this didn’t pose any problems when applying.

…but and it’s a big but – I found my skin breaking out around my chin and forehead at the end of the day. At first I thought it was hormones or lack of sleep, as my skin doesn’t break out very often but I now know it is the foundation. I gave my skin a break after nearly a week of wearing the foundation and I noticed my skin clearing. The spots only return after I have used this foundation. I’m not alone in this – many others have complained too.

The foundation is affordable. It’s not crazy expensive like most of the other high-end foundations, however I’m not sure it’s a foundation I would rave about or recommend.

Try before you buy ladies.

Have you tried it? Did it work for you?