Is St Ives Facial Scrub Damaging Your Skin?

Who doesn’t love the feeling of soft, supple skin after some good old exfoliation? I know I certainly do. Most women have tried the St Ives Facial scrub at least once in their life. The scrub is a firm favourite in many households around the world. It’s a brand we trust. After all, it’s been around for nearly three decades. Continue reading “Is St Ives Facial Scrub Damaging Your Skin?”

Can We Reduce Our Pore Size?

I want to let you in on a little secret and it’s one you may know already but I am certain most people don’t. Pore size is genetic. There, I said it. This means you can’t do diddly squat about the size of your pores no matter what you throw on your face.

However, before you panic, there is a way round it. You can make your pores appear smaller – ‘appear’ being the operative word. Something is better than nothing, right? Continue reading “Can We Reduce Our Pore Size?”

Should We Stop Using Nose Strips?

I used to use nose strips all the time. I loved the way my nose felt so smooth afterwards. That sense of satisfaction when peeling that bad boy off and seeing all those black dots. You know what I mean, right? Continue reading “Should We Stop Using Nose Strips?”